Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Master Post of Education Links

To start off, here's a list of links complied by a few good Tumblrs. It's a list of free educational websites where you can find lectures and lessons to expand your learning, whether you're starting college, are a post-grad, or you're just looking for more knowledge in general.

First, here's a Free 30 Day CSS / HTML Course  "...Because we believe everyone has the right to learn how to build wonderful things on the web." (Link provided by muh-li-cah).

Second, if you're up for some reading, here's Over 36,000 free e-books by Project Gutenberg

Third: Miss college? Getting ready for college? Never got a chance to go? Just want to hear some educational lecturing? Here's free courses from:

UC Berkeley
Dozens and dozens of other schools  @ Open Culture
And more here @ Academic Earth (via mehreenkasana)
and 200 more here
United States Institute of Peace

You can also find a lot of these lectures and similar ones at iTunes U

And tons of free text books (via College worries me)

(Link list complied by quidditchisnotjustagame)

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